The following press covers the portfolio of Joylux brands. Regulatory claims and clearances vary by country. vSculpt is not cleared by the FDA and is not for sale in the US.

October 25, 2018


vFit - Featured on The Doctors (The Doctors TV Show)


October 2, 2018


Interview with Colette Courtion (Health Professional Radio)

August 21, 2018

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The V-Word: Power Play (New Beauty Magazine)

June 1, 2018

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Sexual  Healing (Health and Fitness)

April 17, 2017

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March 1, 2018

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Master The Move: Kegels (Healthy Magazine)

February 21, 2018

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February 27, 2018

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Joylux, Inc.'s vFit (Skin Inc Mag)

February 8, 2018

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February 1, 2018

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February 1, 2018

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On Trend (Aesthetics Journal)

January 25, 2018

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Mission Down Under (Gala Magazine)

January 8, 2018

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November 12, 2017

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A Tech Hub: Seattle (CTA's i3 Magazine)

September 15, 2017

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September 3, 2017

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August 9, 2017


August 2, 2017

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A Delicate Issue (Prima Magazine)

August 2, 2017

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August 2, 2017

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Beat the Leak (Yours Magazine)

July 1 , 2017

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Our Sex Lives are Back on Track (Woman's Own Lifestyle)

July 1, 2017

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How We Beat Our Health Demons (Woman's Own Lifestyle)

June 2, 2017

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June 1, 2017

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vSculpt Launch, London (Aesthetic Journal)

May 10, 2017

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April 19, 2017

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Pelvic Floor Issues Problem Solved (Radio Gorgeous Podcast)

April 19, 2017

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Meg Matthews Talks Menopause (Radio Gorgeous Podcast)

May 2, 2017

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Home Devices Complements the Clinics (The Times - Raconteur)