Meet the Team

Colette-rt (1).jpg

Colette Courtion

CEO & Founder

Known for: Pioneering transformational beauty products and medical devices.

Experience: JeNu (CEO/President), Calidora (CEO/Founder), Starbucks (Director), Maveron, and Pepsi

Fun Fact: Loves to dance, in fact, danced as Beyonce and Lady Gaga in front of hundreds of people to raise money for homelessness in Seattle.


Heather Dazell

VP, Marketing

Known for: Building brands with cutting-edge devices that improve the health and wellness of consumers. 

Experience: Clarisonic, Free & Clear, Philips Sonicare

Fun Fact:  Loves to cook and spend time on the ball field with her two kids. 


Tara Stillner

Director, Digital Marketing

Known For: Successfully bringing complex brands to life in the digital world. 

Experience: Critical Mass (Sr. Account Director), Damashek Consulting (Sr. Account Director) 

Fun Fact: Running and yoga fanatic. 

Peter Weiss.jpg

Peter Weiss


Known for: Corporate finance, restructuring, cash flow optimization; working to build the dream or work through the problem.

Experience: American Outlook,, Terrible Toybook, American Classic Homes

Fun Fact: Part of a multi-generational family-owned food business.


Dwayne Bobbitt

VP, Supply Chain Management

Known for: Manufacturing high volume consumer devices and solving for complex multi-national logistics.

Experience:  Pacific Biosciences (Clarisonic Facial Brush), Philips (Sonicare Toothbrush).

Fun Fact: Die hard 49ers fan, but we still love him.

Gary Newer Image.jpg

Gary Wilson

SVP, Sales

Known For: Relationships with over 195 global distributors in 90+ countries.

Experience: Elman, Solta. 

Fun Fact: Enjoys exploration and adventure abroad.


Mika Ventrella

National Sales Director

Known for:  Launching new technology devices in the aesthetic and women’s health industry.

Experience: Solta Medical, Ulthera, Hologic, Thermi

Fun Fact: Has a black belt in karate.


Sophia Sanchez

Project Manager

Known for: Ability to tackle anything with grace and precision.

Experience: JeNu Biosciences, Calidora Skin Clinics

Fun Fact: Travels the world whenever she gets a chance.

Coleman Corporate Photo.JPG

Coleman Courtion

Chief Inspiration Officer

Known For: Huge smiles and lots of laughter.

Experience: Are you kidding me? I'm just beginning.

Fun Fact: Began walking at 9.5 months old. First word was "Sugar," the name of his dog.  


Maria Cervantes

Quality Manager

Known for: Ensuring quality and regulatory compliance with medical devices

Experience: Philips, Bayer, Spacelabs

Fun Fact: Speaks fluent Spanish and loves football.