Meet vSculpt. 

Available exclusively in international markets (not for sale in the U.S.), vSculpt is the world's first home-use vaginal rejuvenation device using light-energy (red and infrared LEDs), gentle heat and sonic technology to treat the vaginal tissue and pelvic floor muscles. vSculpt is cleared as a Class II OTC Medical Device for the treatment of incontinence, vaginal dryness and pelvic pain in Canada, Europe and Australia.   

vSculpt is available in two models: vSculpt and vSculpt PRO. vSculpt is sold online and through select retailers in the U.K. and Canada. vSculpt Pro is available through our network of distributors in the U.K., Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Chile, and South Africa. For more information about our distribution network, please contact us at info@joyluxinc.com.

For international audiences, please learn more about vSculpt and vSculpt Pro at www.vSculpt.com.

vSculpt and vSculpt PRO are not cleared for sale in the United States.


Meet vFit.

Available for sale in the U.S., vFit is the world's first non-invasive, hormone-free wellness solution using red lights (LEDs), gentle heat and sonic technology to help improve intimate wellness.

vFit is available in two models: vFit, which is sold online and through select retailers, and vFit+, which is sold exclusively through professional offices. vFit+ is a professional model that has additional LED power, longer session times, and more features to help achieve maximum results faster. 

For U.S. audiences, learn more about vFit and vFit+ at www.getvfit.com.

For resale and distributor opportunities, please contact us at sales@getvfit.com.